Streamline your  Audio Diary Research 

Transform your daily diary research experience with Fabla, an app designed to make participation easier and more convenient.

Developed by the Georgia CTSA's AppHatchery in collaboration with leading psychologist and researcher Dr. Deanna Kaplan, PhD and the Departments of Spiritual Health and Preventive Medicine at Emory University, Fabla re-imagines the traditional daily diary methodology by harnessing the power of voice recording technology on your smartphone.

🎙️ Stream-of-Conscious Speech Recording

Audio Diaries allows research participants to effortlessly record their nightly diary entries using their own voices. No need for pen and paper or sitting at a desk – simply speak your thoughts wherever you are.

📒 Prompted Entries

Respond to prompts pre-specified by researchers to capture valuable insights about your daily experiences. Whether it's stress levels, mood, or other study-specific topics, Audio Diaries makes it easy to log your thoughts on the go.

⏰ Unlimited notifications

Participants and researchers can set an unlimited number of notification reminders to complete entries, so that schedules are individually tailored and research participation is never forgotten.

⚙️ Review and Manage Recordings

After making a recording, you have the option to review it before deciding whether to save or delete it. Audio Diaries puts you in control of your data.

🔒 We’ve got you covered.

☁️ Secure Cloud Storage

Saved recordings are automatically uploaded to a secure, Emory-hosted, password-protected, and encrypted cloud. Your data is safe and can only be accessed by the research team through our highly secure server.

🔐 Privacy Protection

Deleted recordings are instantly and permanently removed from your device and the study, ensuring your privacy is respected at all times.

Meet the Fabla Product Team

Santiago Arconada

Jayce Kong

Deanna Kaplan

Morgan Greenleaf

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