Active Projects

AppHatchery works closely with clinical partners and app stakeholders to create engaging mobile tools to achieve specific individual or population health outcomes. Please learn more our projects which are arranged in chronological order below (top is newest).  Our expertise lies in health education apps, diagnostic tools, and communication facilitation at the bedside between providers and patients. 

All of our released apps are publicly available both in iOS and Android and we encourage you to download them for free to experience the quality of our work.

Fabla - Audio Research Kit

A tool to conduct Daily Diary research using audio. The "RedCap" of audio diary research

Released Oct 2023

Low English Proficiency

A tool to assist nurses in communication of point-of-care tasks in pediatric hospitals with Latino non-English speaking patients 

Released, Patent pending


A tool to assist patients and families with Type I Diabetes in understanding what Diabetes is and prepare them for in-hospital education

Released May 2023


A tool to provide a reliable resource that helps birthing people to identify dangerous health symptoms, especially Black birthing people who have the highest risk of dying in or after childbirth

Released Jan 2023


A tool to aids in the rapid and accurate interpretation of pulse oximetry findings obtained as part of newborn screening for critical congenital heart disease (CCHD). 

Released Nov 2022

Georgia TB Reference Guide

A mobile app to support clinicians’ questions about tuberculosis infection, disease, and control. The standards and guidelines are based on the Department of Public Health

Released Feb 2022


A web app to increase awareness of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in teenage African American women based on the Healthy Heart Score (on-going clinical trial)

Released June 2022


A tool to help cancer predisposition families manage scan appointments and keep information in one place. The app contains the cancer protocol guidelines in the US.

Released Feb 2022

Talent Trace

A tool to help CRC's pick the correct job category

Under Construction